A Forced Thought w/Deck

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A Forced Thought w/Deck


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The magician riffles the deck to allow the a spectator to think of a card within the deck. The deck is shuffled and handed to a second spectator who begins dealing the cards face down one at a time until they want to stop. The card they stop at is the thought of card. The use of this subterfuge allows for very clean predictions and revelations.



"This is pretty slick. 
Josh Burch, MyLovelyAssistant 1/30/2015 Full Review


"This is an excellent trick that is worth downloading.
Stuart Philip, MyLovelyAssistant 12/8/2014 Full Review


"The video and audio quality is very good and if you like what you see in the trailer, get this – it is worth the bit of money even for a 6 minute video.
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 12/21/2014 Full Review


"Despite it only being really short everything needed to know is shown and explained well. The video starts off with a performance and then runs straight into the two explanations.
Phil Shaw, The Peek 11/7/2014 Full Review


"Here Steven Himmel has elaborated on the core idea, turning the force into a baffling card routine.
David Regal, Genii Magazine 12/22/2014