The Jack of 112263 Lecture Notes


The Jack of 112263 Lecture Notes

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These are Steven's 2015 Lecture Notes.

NURSE DALEY: The two black aces transpose with the two red aces while in the spectators hands.

A COUPLE OF COINS: A copper English penny is produced at the fingertips, then a copper Mexican centavo appears, and finally a silver half dollar. When the spectator looks back at the two copper coins they have now changed into a silver half dollar. Leaving you with two silver half dollars. Everything can be examined.

COINS AROUND THE WORLD: Two silver half dollars are changed into two copper coins of different origin. And then changed right back. Everything can be examined.

CARDS FROM ANOTHER PACKET: 3 cards from a packet of 10 blue cards, held by one spectator, invisibly travel to a packet of 10 red cards held by another spectator.

HOMELESS JOE: Four jokers change into the four aces.

VERY BIZARRE: A blue backed queen is sandwiched face down between two blue backed jokers. With a shake, the queen turns face up. This is repeated, but this time the back of the queen changes from blue to red. Then the jokers both change from blue to red.

THE VISITORS: The four queens are removed. Two spectators each select a card. One card is placed face down between the black queens. And the other selection is placed face down in between the red queens. The black queens with the first selection, are lost in the pack. The red queens with the second selection are placed on top of the deck and with a snap the first selection is now seen in between the red queens. When the black queens are removed the card in between them is still the first selection. The second selection is now still in between the red queens.

RECHARMING CHALLENGE: Three Chinese coins are caused to vanish and melt through a piece of ribbon with the help of the spectator and a little something extra.

PCDT (PSUEDO CENTER DEAL TRANSPO): The Ace of Spades is isolated in the pocket and a card is selected. The selection is placed face up in the center of the deck. The magician proceeds to deal that card from the middle of the deck. This action is repeated. The selection is once again placed face up in the middle, but when it is dealt from the center it is now the Ace of Spades. The selection is found in the pocket.

CIVIL RIGHTS WALTZ: One card is selected from a blue deck and one card is selected from a red deck. The spectators sign the face and the back of their cards. The blue card lost somewhere in the middle of the red deck. The red card is placed on top of the deck. And in an instant, the the red card vanishes and the blue card takes its place. With a magical wave the signed red card appears back on top of the deck. These two card are placed face to face in a spectators hands and are fused together to become one card with a signed red back and a signed blue back.